Community Consultation

Our Development Team undertake a consultation every two years to collect the views of our community as well as women and non-binary people who are not yet involved. The feedback informs our future delivery plans. For instance, the idea of a mental health support group developed from our 2020 annual consultation.

In 2023, they worked together to collect data to understand women’s needs and interests to design our Delivery Plan for 2024-2026. Read all about it in the report! 

We believe in collaboration

Kairos Women+ is a community-led women’s organisation based in Renfrewshire, Scotland. We believe in the power of collaborative decision-making, bringing women and non-binary people together to influence our community as active, engaged members of their local community. We value the strengths and lived experience of each woman+ we meet, recognising the influence they have in their own lives and the lives of others, and we actively reach out to women+ experiencing tough times to ensure they are included and involved. 

At the heart of Kairos Women+ is our passion for equality and diversity. We continuously strive to build inclusive spaces that feel like home for women+ of all ages and beliefs, disabled women, trans women, women of colour and all ethnicities, queer women and non-binary people. We listen to what women+ tell us about how we can make our spaces more accessible and create opportunities for women+ to make change through our collaborative approach

Our approach is supported by facilitated groups such as personal development programmes, training and development opportunities, a supported volunteer programme, peer support groups, project planning groups as well as social spaces. This is complimented by our ‘Making Change opportunities including influencing the representation of women+ in history via Kairos Museum, campaigning for change with the Equalities Collective, planning and hosting equalities events and influencing Kairos’ development via the Development Team.

*the term women is inclusive of non-binary people


Women+ supporting women+ to reach their potential.


A Scotland where all women and non-binary people are supported to reach their potential.

What are we trying to achieve?

Kairos Women+ was established as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) for the benefit of women and non-binary people in Scotland. Our charitable aims are:

Kairos has made me part of a meaningful group.... ‘movement’ is too strong but I’d like to think it might be. A wonderful and challenging assembly full of the talent which is here in our wide community. A life affirming experience.

How does our approach work?

At Kairos Women+, we seek to include and involve women at every level and hand the power back to our community to make positive change. We have varied methods of engagement to support our collaborative approach.

Idea + Kairos = Reality

We are always here to listen. When a woman+ has an idea for a new project, event or workshop we encourage or support them to complete a Project Proposal Form, which is submitted to our Development Team for review.  We hope to create an equitable process enabling women+ from all walks of life to share their ideas and be supported to make them happen. The Development Team considers how the new idea fits with our charitable aims as well as the potential environmental impact of the project before making recommendations for any changes. Once the project has been approved, our staff team offer internal training workshops to up-skill the volunteers and participants involved and a Working Group of women+ is formed to make the project a reality!

Collaborative Groups

Since the beginning we have worked closely with local women and non-binary people to develop Kairos Women+. We seek to ensure women+ from diverse backgrounds are involved at all levels of the organisation and one way in which we do this is by forming Planning Groups to collaboratively develop projects. We have Working Groups for the Kairos Chronicle, A Brew and a Blether Podcast, Kairos Kitchen and the Mental Health Working Group. This model ensures that we have women+ with lived experience influencing the development of projects.


We are governed by our Trustee Board and a number of our Trustees are previous Development Team members and Kairos participants. We value the input of women+ with experience of engaging in Kairos Women+ as they deeply understand our values and vision. Our community-led Development Team functions as a Trustee Subcommittee, handing responsibility over to the community to influence the development of Kairos. Women+ also develop their knowledge and skills as Development Team members, giving them the skills to join a Trustee Board at Kairos Women+ or elsewhere.

It has been really exciting to be involved in the process [of creating a podcast] and watching as my initial idea has developed into something more concrete and grounded in the collaborative, community ethos of Kairos.

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