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Kairos Chronicle

The Kairos Chronicle is our biannual community-produced zine showcasing the work of Renfrewshire-based women and non-binary people. After emerging during lockdown to keep us all connected, the project has grown organically and we pride ourselves on creating a jam-packed zine that represents a wide range of voices. We have regular contributors such as Emmagayle Harper, Johnstone-based disability and lifestyle blogger and Lil Brookes, Paisley-based artist and social historian

Our zine is made in-house and relies on the dedication of our Chronicle Team, who work collaboratively to screen submissions, edit content and produce the final product. Would you like to see your work in print? Submissions are open all year round and you can download the submission guidelines HERE.

Open Book

Click the magazine for a preview of our first edition!

We never know how much time we have here on earth so I call my loved ones & feel relief when I know they're okay.

A light at the end of the tunnel came to me in early 2021 in a wee clear vial.

The 'Cat & Mouse Act' allowed prisoners who were on hunger strike to be released on licence as soon as the hunger strike affected their health.

Meet the Artists

Renfrewshire has a rich diversity of artists and we are proud to showcase local women artists in each issue! Amanda Mackie from the Chronicle Team interviews local women artists for each issue. Take a look at their work below.
Kairos Zine Issue 1_ July 20

Mandi Cowan

“Being Autistic I express myself through my art. I was very unwell with COVID-19 and spent my time painting my COVID collection during my recovery to help me get through lockdown.”

Caroline Gormley

“I thought I’m away to be an artist… I think I always was an artist, it is like if you’ve got some sort of faith and belief, you don’t need to go to church, you don’t need to go to a building, that is what you are or who you are so...”

Kairos Zine Issue 2_ Oct 20
Kairos Chronicle Issue 3_ April 21

Chloe Nalwoga

“Whether we like it or not, there are certain biases against black women and black people in general… I want to encourage all the black women out there that you can do what you set your mind to doing.”

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