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What's going on at Kairos Women+

Kairos Women+ is a vibrant, welcoming space for women and non-binary people to come together to learn, grow and connect. We have a jam-packed weekly calendar and buzzing spaces filled with chatter and fun from Beautiful Women, our Personal Development Programme, to Recovery Space to our Wellbeing Creative Cafe. All of our groups are filled with love, laughter and support. 


Support Spaces

Find out more about our Support Spaces: Recovery Space, Mental Wellness Group and Beautiful Women - our Personal Development programme.
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Social Spaces

Find out more about our Social Spaces: Wellbeing Creative Cafe and Kairos Kitchen.
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Making Change

Find out more about our Making Change Projects: Our Women's History Project - Kairos Museum and our campaigning group -Equalities Collective.
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Our Podcast

Find out more about our community-produced podcast: A Brew and a Blether. Listen to stories and experiences of women and non-binary people across Scotland.
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Our Zine

Find out more about our community zine: Kairos Chronicle, where we showcase women and non-binary people's creative work and stories.
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Kairos has provided a safe space to chat about anything with people who I now think of as friends

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