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What to expect from Support Spaces

Kairos Women+ strives to create safe, welcoming spaces for all women and non-binary people. To get involved in our Support Spaces, get in touch via our contact page and a member of staff will be in touch to give you more information. You will receive information ahead of the group with everything you need, including a Welcome Pack for the Recovery Space and Beautiful Women. You will have access to staff support while you’re part of our Support Spaces to help you access additional support from other services or simply as a listening ear! 

Our groups take place in spaces in Johnstone and from our base in Paisley as well as online. We pride ourselves on creating spaces where women feel held and supported. If you’ve been to any of our groups and have feedback to give us please share it via our contact page.

Take a look below at what we offer at the moment.

Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women, Beautiful Me is our 12-session Personal Development Programme, developed at Women’s Community Matters in Cumbria. In Beautiful Women (Part 1) we explore the world and our place in it with topics such as difference, identity, resilience and belonging in safe, trusting, relaxed group of 6-8 women and non-binary people. In Beautiful Me (Part 2) we delve a little deeper to explore our own thoughts, feelings and behaviours with topics such as emotion, communication, relationships and perceptions. 

The sessions run weekly over 6-weeks for 2-hours and are delivered by an experienced group facilitator. The first two sessions give us time to get to know one another through gentle activities that help us think about our place in the world. This is the perfect course for any woman or non-binary person. If you’re worried about coming to a new space, you’re not alone. We will support you every step of the way and this course is designed with that very feeling in mind.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

If you have any accessibility needs such as difficulties reading or writing or a disability, please get in touch so we can make changes to help you access the course. Part 1 has little reading and writing and we use visual tools that include image descriptions. We aim to meet the needs of different learners with a variety of activities. If you need support with literacy, we can provide a buddy to support you throughout the course without this being obvious to other participants. For more information about inclusion and accessibility click here. 

Beautiful Women was fun, interesting and emotional. My confidence has improved and I’m thinking about others more. I’ve learnt to smile because it cheers people up and I’m talking more about my feelings

Mental Wellness Group

Mentalhealthgroup copy

Our peer-support Mental Wellness Group is a welcoming and safe space for all women & non-binary people who are looking to share their experiences of poor mental health, mental illness and ways of coping. It’s a space where we can get together to support each other, share our experiences and offer each other wellbeing activities to support positive mental health. 

This group runs weekly from our home in Paisley.

Kairos has made me feel wanted for the first time in a long time.

Recovery Space

Our Recovery Space offers an accepting, safe and open environment to meet other women+ and share experiences. Running weekly it is open to all women and non-binary people with experience of addiction who are looking to find support from like-minded folk. Chats, creative activities and a good cuppa! The project is led by Liz, who is in recovery from addiction.

We also have a WhatsApp group to keep us connected throughout the week. 

Recovery Space (on a blue background)

This wee group chat is great as even if nobody is on at the time you post a message somebody always gets back to you, thanks guys.

Watch our Recovery Space Video to Learn More

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