At Kairos Women+ we pride ourselves on creating inclusive and accessible spaces for as many members of our community as possible. We recognise that accessibility needs are different for every person so we are constantly seeking to make improvements. We are keen to make adaptations to ensure your visit, whether online or in-person, is as comfortable and safe as possible. We strongly encourage you to get in touch. We know adaptations are often seen as an inconvenience but that is not the case at Kairos Women+. 

For ease of use on our website, click this symbol at the top right corner of the website and you’ll be able to resize the font, change the font-type and remove some animations. 

We are a women-only space, inclusive of trans women and non-binary people. We occasionally have trusted men facilitating sessions such as training events or the Kairos Museum workshops. If a man will be present in the space, this will be made explicit in the event description. It is important that you feel safe when accessing our groups and we encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions. Email and a member of our team will get back to you to discuss access to our groups.


We host our online groups on Zoom, which is the platform we think is the most accessible for the most people. We understand how daunting joining an online group can be when you have never been before so we will do all we can to help you access it. We can talk you through the process by phone call, email or when safe to do so, in person. We know the importance of patience with technology so no matter how long the process takes, we are with you until we get there. You can find out more about accessing a Zoom call HERE.

When you arrive at our groups you’ll be greeted by one of our staff team who will welcome you to the group and make sure you feel at home. Our groups usually have a ‘hands up’ rule, which means you pop your hand up when you’d like to speak. You are welcome to join with or without your camera on and even without audio if you’d just like to sit back and listen before joining in. You’ll never be pressured to speak or participate, everything is at your own pace. 

For larger events, we have live captioning and we are able to source sign-language interpreters. If you are D/deaf and would like to attend a regular group such as Beautiful Women please get in touch and we will book a captioner or interpreter for you. We use image descriptions within all our online events and training as well as across all our social media platforms. We have large-print versions of our What’s On Guide and hope to offer materials in other languages soon. 

In person

We are moving into a new space in April 2022 and before then we are using temporary venues in Paisley and Johnstone. If you are looking to join Kairos Women+ but are not sure where to start, get in touch with us to arrange to speak to a member of staff who will recommend where to start based on your interests. 

We have a Pay It Forward system for teas and coffees, which means if you don’t have 50p to spare for your drink someone else will have already covered it. Our in-person activity welcomes service dogs on leads. 

We only use venues that are wheelchair accessible and we consider the ease of access from the local transport network, via the main entrance as well as accessible bathrooms and ease of movement throughout the building. 

Our drop-in groups are family-friendly and we welcome children of all ages. We also run family-friendly activities during the school holidays. 

You are welcome to bring a friend or companion such as a support worker if they are a woman. If you have a male companion, please get in touch to let us know so we can let the group know ahead of time. We encourage all professionals to arrive without lanyards.

Diversity Equality Alliance in Renfrewshire

Kairos Women+ is proud to be a member of the Diversity Equality Alliance in Renfrewshire. 

About DEAR

We are a network of local groups and organisations who work together to ensure that all diversity and equalities activities are supported in Renfrewshire.

The DEAR vision

  • A network that supports positive action change and empowerment that’s impactful, inclusive & accessible.

  • We positively represent and celebrate our diverse communities in meaningful ways.

  • We share resources and collaborate to engage and empower our communities. 

DEAR outcomes

Outcome 1: Increase engagement and access to opportunities of underrepresented groups and those with protected characteristics through participation in civic, organisational and community life.

Outcome 2: Local people experience less discrimination and disadvantage by improving quality of life and enabling independent living.

Outcome 3: Local people are positive about relations across the communities, promoting equality, community cohesion and celebrating diversity.

Outcome 4: Communities with protected characteristics feel safe and free from harm, confident and supported to report hate crime.

Kairos have plenty of things online. It is easy to join groups, if you want to get involved and do all of them, or just come and go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word 'Kairos' mean?

‘Kairos’ is an Ancient Greek word meaning: ‘the right, critical or opportune moment’. It’s that moment when conditions are just right for action or change – a Kairos moment! 

How do you pronounce 'kairos'?

‘Kairos’ is pronounced ‘kai – ross’. You can also find an audio recording of how it’s pronounced here! 

What does the '+' symbol mean in 'Kairos Women+'?

We wanted to create a name that is inclusive of non-binary people. After a period of consultation, our community decided a ‘+’ symbol would indicate our commitment to inclusion and acceptance. 

Who is included in a 'women's space'?

All of our spaces are inclusive of women and non-binary people. We are trans-inclusive and welcome all self-identifying women and non-binary people who feel most comfortable in women-only spaces. We are committed to keeping you safe at Kairos and if you have any questions about women-only spaces, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will help you as best we can. 

Will there ever be men at Kairos?

We occasionally invite trusted men to deliver particular groups and workshops. All groups that may include any sessions delivered by men, will be clearly highlighted and participants will be told ahead of the sessions. As a women’s organisation, men aren’t participants of any of our groups or projects. 

Can I donate to support Kairos?

Of course! You can click this link here to make a one-off donation. If you’d like to make a regular donation, please get in touch here or email and we’d be delighted to help! 

Where are you based?

We are based in Renfrewshire and move into our long-term home in Paisley in April 2022. 

Just now, we run our groups and workshops online via Zoom and WhatsApp and in-person groups in both Paisley and Johnstone.

Where do you get your funding?

Kairos Women+ is currently being supported by The Roberston Trust, Impact Funding Partners and Inspiring Scotland as well as a range of smaller funders. We raise funds via fundraising events, ticketed events and Chronicle donations. To support Kairos, click the donate button at the top of the page. 

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