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What do our social spaces offer?

Kairos Women+ strives to create safe, welcoming spaces for all women and non-binary people. To get involved in our Social Spaces, pop us a message on WhatsApp or email us to find out more. These groups are full of fun and laughter with lots of chatter – you’ll always be welcomed with a smile. It’s important to us that our Social Spaces feel low pressure, which means you can participate as much or as little as you like. 

We are always looking for feedback so if you’ve been to any of our groups and have feedback to give us please get in touch via our contact page.

Kairos has got me out the house and made me meet new people, if you’re having a bad, bad day everyone at Kairos makes it a good day

Wellbeing Creative Cafe

Our craft project brings women and non-binary people together to share craft skills. Not crafty? Nae bother! Join us for a blether and maybe you’ll learn something along the way. Our weekly group bring women+ together to share skills and create collaborative craft projects.

You can also discover lots of craft ideas in our online series with downloadable craft cards! Perfect for the kids and adults too.

Kairos have plenty of things online. It is easy to join groups, if you want to get involved and do all of them, or just come and go

Kairos Kitchen

Our cookery project brings women and non-binary people together to share recipes from across the world. Learn new recipes and share your own – what did your grandma used to make? What’s your favourite Scottish recipe? Do you have a recipe from your home country that you’d like to share? Watch our Kairos Kitchen online series with downloadable recipes to get inspired! Recipes include: Nigerian Fried Rice, Chocolate Brownies, Homemade Bread, Filipino Noodles and Fish Cakes! Our Kairos Kitchen team are developing a community cookbook book, jam-packed with recipes from lots of different women+.

​Kairos groups have given me an insight into all different types of people and backgrounds. There is no stigma at all here and that is such a positive thing.

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