Abril & Sarah

Sarah Cartwright

Project Worker [Maternity Cover]


My name is Sarah and I am a part time Project Worker at Kairos. I also work as a Social History Curator on the days I'm not in Kairos and I have worked in Museums and Heritage for nearly 20 years. It was during this time I witnessed first-hand the power of museums to make effective change in people’s lives and this experience continues to influence my work. I have a strong belief that working with communities is the way towards achieving social justice. A belief which led me to Kairos Women+ and the wonderful group of like-minded individuals who provide a valuable resource and support system for each other and their community. 

I have worked with Kairos since 2018, originally as the museum connection for 'Kairos Museum' and then as Vice Chair on the Trustee Board from 2021 until 2023 when I took the next step in my Kairos journey. 

I enjoy travelling and exploring new places and burying my head in a good book when I get the chance.

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