Abril Flores Rojo

Project Worker



I was born in Mexico City, the country’s vibrant and exciting capital. If we meet, I’m confident I’ll tell you everything there is to know about my culture, talk nonstop about food, and share my passion for social justice. Also, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ll see me smiling. I came to Scotland to study in early 2021 and was fortunate to cross paths with the Kairos W+ community.

My professional experience has ranged from the seriousness of a courtroom to accompanying massive protests to end gender-based violence. Human rights, for me, are the starting point for any task or project, no matter how big or small; as a result, they are part of the ethical principles that will guide me throughout my life. In addition to my constant need to spread anti-patriarchal visions, even in the simplest of conversations.

I’ve always believed that great ideas emerge from collaboration. That’s why I think that participating in a community-led project is not only exciting, but also a way of working that foster learning, solidarity, empathy, and creativity.

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