Cath Gibson

Member Since: Jan 2021


My daughter saw a Women’s International Day Event being held in Johnstone in March 2019 and she suggested that we went along. After the event she said to me ‘”Mum you should volunteer at Kairos” and I did.

I had retired from my job with the NHS School Immunisation Team as a Programme Support  (Clerical) Officer. This was a busy job and I met lots of people during my time there. My husband was still working and my daughters had left home, so I had some free time.

I was interested in finding out more about what goes on at Kairos and how they were supporting women in Renfrewshire. There is such a lot going on and I did get involved in the various workshops. There is something for everyone at Kairos and you can be involved in as many groups as you wish, or just pop in for a cup of tea and a blether. There is always a friendly face to great you and this is so important to women coming to Kairos knowing that they will feel safe.

During lockdown Kairos has continued to keep people connected and I think that is a credit to everyone involved. What a wonderful team to be part of.

I became a volunteer and this was something that was worth doing as I felt I was contributing to helping the team support the whole group. I did some delivering of food parcels and this was during lockdown. It made such a difference to many families.

I felt it was worthwhile, even just to stand at a doorway with a mask on and say hello. I am on the Development Team and this gives me the chance to see how Kairos will continue to be a great Women’s Space. I have met some lovely, funny, interesting women at Kairos and we all share the same values.

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