Laura Pluck


I have dedicated my career so far to working in the third sector in social care. Starting work in  social care over 20 years ago  sparked a lifelong passion for working with those most at risk of disadvantage, discrimination and exclusion.

I currently have the privilege of the position of Managing Director of a large care organisation providing support to a diverse population of 7000 people per annum across Scotland.

I firmly believe that every individual, regardless of personal circumstances and abilities, should be supported in whatever way suits them to maximise their opportunities, to be a leader in their own lives and direct their own path.

I understand the significant impact small actions; interventions or support can have on any human in achieving great things and I read with interest the journey Kairos Women+ has been on.  I heard personally about the intention, reach and impact of the community led space and group from a friend who volunteers with Kairos Women+ and was instantly blown away by the sheer reach and determination the team have with the work they do.

I love reading, singing, being with family and by the sea!

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