Thaveshni Pillay

Community Food Worker


I am originally from Durban, South Africa and spent a few years in Switzerland before moving to Glasgow in 2018. From an early age, my parents instilled in my siblings and I, an ethos of community service and charity work. They were both educators of deaf and blind children as well as children with learning difficulties. They campaigned tirelessly for the rights of these children, taking us along to fundraising and other community events. So charitable work has always been of interest to me and part of my consciousness.

Throughout my corporate career I championed diversity and equality but felt it was time for a permanent and more fulfilling change. I joined Kairos as a volunteer in May 2022 and in November 2022 I had my “Kairos moment” when I moved into the role of Community Food Worker. I am honoured to be working alongside so many remarkable women+ from the community as well as getting to share experiences and learn about other cultures through the universal love language of food. At Kairos, women and non-binary people have a space where we can just be ourselves, have fun, learn and grow together surrounded by love and kindness. For me, it is poignant that my late father dedicated his life to a humanitarian cause, and I now have an opportunity to do the same, even if on a much smaller scale!

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