The Incubator

Make your idea a reality!

The Incubator invites our women+ community to propose an idea to take place at Kairos. We are keen to find ideas which fill a gap in what we already do, and excited to hear ideas we haven’t thought of yet but would be perfect for Kairos!

Your idea could be small or large, and possible examples could be a one-off workshop or public event, a new community group or piece of research, or even an addition to our physical space.

We understand that doing something new can be daunting, so at every step of The Incubator process there will be support, training and community available.

First steps could involve meeting with Kairos staff and community members to develop your idea and receive support with preparing material for an application. You could join a group session or book a 1-1 slot.

There is a short online application form to complete. This will help us to understand your idea better.

If completing a written application is not suitable for you, then please speak to a member of Kairos staff and we can arrange for you to apply in an alternative format (for example recording video or audio of yourself answering the questions).

Projects will be selected by the Kairos Development Team, which is made up of volunteers and staff. Complete the application form below or download a copy! 

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