Arti Gosai

Member Since: Jan 2021


My name is Arti and I was born in South Africa. I first came to Kairos shortly after moving to Scotland from England. I became a volunteer in January 2020 and I am a member of several groups within Kairos such as Kairos Kitchen and our Community Penpal project. Last year, I had the opportunity of creating and hosting Kairos International Women’s Day. The event highlighted women & non-binary people from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India as well as culture, art and fashion. Kairos is not just a charity to me but a way of life, in that it nourishes acceptance, love and transformation. I am spiritual in my belief and outlook in life and find a healing quality in every aspect and activity within Kairos. Kairos came into my life just after a very traumatic time and what I found in our community is that everyone supports and believes in you even when you can’t do it for yourself. There are many beautiful ways to describe Kairos but none that can capture what experiencing Kairos truly is.

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